Wines from Western Australia, a region well known throughout the world as a premiere producer of fines wine. 

West Australia Wine

 We match Wine Style and label to your Market.

We offer:-
 [] Promotional visits to Thailand
 [] Sponsor your visits to Australia.
We provide:- 
 [] Product training for staff 
 [] Video Promotions for customers

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Phillip Smith FACID Aff AII AIM CD
Location: Perth WA
E: Phillip@austhai.biz   skype ID Luckyroo
M: Aust +61 418 927 522 Thai: +66 816322042
Angchanaporn Trairatthitikan (Khun Pim)
Location: Bangkok Thailand
Pim@austhai.biz  Skype ID: Pimtrairat
M: Thai: +66 843361169 Aust: +61 409375977 

Product Information

Wine Videos - Winery and Labels


Wine for Export - Winery, Label and Price 

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 Wine knowledge - Training material

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